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Cities in India

India is the second largest country in the world after china whit a population of 1,027 million. India and China are the only two countries in the world that cross the one billion mark. This is a top of the 10 largest cities in India that does not take into account suburban settlements or other heavily populated areas outside city boundaries.

Indian cities capture the diversity of the country in its true spirit. Mumbai's old buildings are reminiscent of Victorian age, languishes more in the larger-than-life glamor of Bollywood, while Delhi's history dates back to the Khiljis of 13th century, is more poignant in the administrative boulevards at the heart of the city

About a quarter of India's population is urban. Numerically that is about the whole population of USA. At least 23 Indian cities have over million residents. Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai are the four main cities of India. The first three cities have over 10 million residents each.

Mega Cities in India

  Mumbai Kolkata
  Delhi Chennai
  Bangalore Ahmedabad

Other cities of India

  Jaipur Jodhpur
  Nasik Pune
  Surat Vadodara


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