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Wildlife in India

The wildlife, natinoal parks, wild sanctuaries., in india spread across the country offer a fascinating diversity of terrain, flora, gujarat, gir, these national parks provide great ample opportunities to the all visitors. India has pre served vast tracts of forest and habitates in its 80 National Parks and 441 Wildlife Sanctuaries.

India's wildlife is both rich and varied. More than 4% of India's land is under forest cover- there are at least 90 national parks and 482 wildlife sanctuaries. The country is one of the 12 mega diversity areas in the world, in terms of animal.

Gir National Park
Betla National Park
Bhitar Kanika National Park
Mukurthi National Park
Eravikulam National Park
Gagumal National Park
Manas National Park
Indira Gandhi National Parks
Indravati National Park
Kanha National Park


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