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Tourist Places in Sasan Gir

The Sasan Gir National Park is spread over an area of 1412 square kms in the Junagarh district of Gujarat in western India. The history of the National Park goes back to the turn of the 20th century. There was a terrible famine that almost wiped out the lion population in the first decade of the century. Deprived of prey, the lion population came down heavily, until protection was offered by the Nawab of Junagarh. Lion hunting was completely banned in 1950s. Lion census was carried out, and appropriate steps taken for their conservation. Gir National Park n Wildlife Sanctuary comprises 1412 sq km of deciduous forest interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen flora, acacia, scrub jungle, grasslands and rocky hills. Fed by perennial and seasonal rivers and streams, the sanctuary has large water bodies

The Asiatic Lion
Sasangir is the only place in the world outside the African continent where the lion can be seen in its natural habitat. It alone draws hordes of visitors to the park each year. Much of the Asiatic Lion’s time is spent snoozing where the shade is deepest, while the lionesses do the stalking, hunting and cub raising. But, when a kill is made, he is the first to come and claim his share. The best time to observe lions in their natural surroundings is at dawn and dusk, when they are on the prowl. Though the Asiatic lion is an elusive creature, a morning safari awards a good chance of seeing it, in contrast to a hot afternoon safari.

Other Animals
The Gir forest is also home to a large number of other fascinating species like the leopard, chital, chinkara (gazelle), wild boar, wild ass, nilgai, spotted deer, and four-horned antelope. It is also a good place to watch monkeys, parrots, and India’s national bird, the peacock. A crocodile-rearing and research centre also flourishes adjacent to Sinh Sadan Lodge, where hatchlings are reared and then released into their natural habitat.

Jeep Safaris
Jeep Safaris are very popular with tourists who are enchanted with the idea of a ride in the wilds! However one needs a permit, which is issued on the spot at the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge office before setting off on the jungle trail.

Other Attractions
Gir forest area also includes the Nalsarovar Lake and Sanctuary, where birds like paradise flycatcher, back-headed cuckoo, pied woodpecker, various species of eagles, painted sand grouse, bush quail, flamingo, partridge, parrot, and peacock may be seen. The park also has a small temple dedicated to Lord Krishna near the Tulsi Shyam springs.

Girnar Hill
The best time to visit Girnar is at dawn. Prepare yourself to climb up 10000 stone steps. It is a magical experience when you witness hordes of pilgrims and porters tramp up the well maintained steps through scrubby teak forest and past tea stalls. The start s about 2km beyond Damodar Kund- the road takes you to around the 3000th step that leaves you only 7000 to the top. As you gain height, the views begin to sweep across wooded hills.

Girnar Mountain
Visitors must climb 8,500 steps to reach the top of the hill, so it is best to start early in the morning (before 6 am). It is a difficult four to five hour climb. Hundreds of people climb this hill every day. There are many stalls selling cold drinks along the way.
Girnar Mountain is about 1100m (3630 ft) high and is an extinct volcano. It is 4km east of Junagadh and is the main tourist attraction in the area. On the plateau about 180m (600 ft) from the top of the hill, is a group of beautifully carved Jain temples built between 1128 and 1500. Neminath, the 22nd tirthankara, is said to have died on Mount Girnar after living here for 700 years. There is a special marble temple dedicated to him here, and a black marble statue of him. The Mallinath Temple (1177) is impressive. There is the peak of Ambaji, with a height of 3,330 ft (1,010 m), which is famous for the temple dedicated to the goddess Amba Mata dating back to the 12th century. It is said that a visit to this temple guarantees a happy marriage. There are good natural sceneries from the top of the mountain. The steps go down and up again to Gorakhnath Peak at 1116m (3666 ft) above sea level, where there are footprints of the rishi Gorakhnath. It is the highest peak of the mountain. The steps again go down and there is Kamandal Kund and another peak where there are footprints of Guru Dattatreya. The steps to Dattatrey Peak are quite difficult. There are no steps further and on a foot way, there is a goddess Kalika shrine on another peak. Every year, between the 1st and the 10th of January, a Girnar Climbing Competition is held by Gujarat Government. Anyone who climbs up 5,500 feet (1,700 m) within 2 hours gets a certificate from the Government of Gujarat, and the winner gets lots of prizes. Now it has been made a national sporting event. Other Spots to visit on Mount Girnar are Bhimkund, Satpuda, Gaumukhi Ganga, Pathar chati, Bhairav Jap, Bharatvan Sheshavan, Hanumandhara and Jatashankar. Every year during the period of five days ending on the full moon day of Kartik month, a circular excursion to mount girnar (Parikrama) is held. Lacs of people take part in it. It goes from Bhavnath Temple to Jina Bawa Ni Madhi, Hanuman Dhara, Malvela, Bordevi and return to Bhavnath Temple. It is a foot way of about 40 Kms.

It is a small town located on the Arabian coast, the main attraction here is the Shri delvada teerth, Shri Una teerth dedicated to Shri Adinath Bhagavan is situated 6km north in Una. The gorgeous Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is also nearby for the tourist to relax.

Junagadh Zoo
Junagadh zoo has Gir lions. The nawab set up the zoo in 1863 to save lions from extinction, and now become a good safari park. Those who somehow miss the Sasan Gir Widlife Sanctuary, this is a surprisingly well maintained park where you can see abundance of lions, leopards and tigers in their natural habitat. There is also a good museum that houses paintings, manuscripts, archaeological finds and other exhibits including a natural history section.

Gir National park & Wildlife Sanctuary
The erstwhile location here were rough and steep rocky hills around beautified by nature, later in the year 1965 the park was established as a national asset to preserve floras and faunas to the country. The Lion Sanctuary which is situated at Sasan Gir, in the south-west of Saurashrea Peninsula was the primary establishment to conserve the Asian Lions and Lionesses, and later opened to the public as a park for visit during the year 1974, and became famous spot of tourist interest as Gir protected area which is spread over 130,000 hectares. Over 300 lions sojourn here and also considered to be a home for various other species like Leopards, Chital, Nilgai, Chinkara, Four horned Antelope, Wild boar and a variety of fowls of the air. The Crocodile rearing farm is another added attraction here. The best seasons to visit this location is from December to June and Monsoons are not friendly and the park is closed.

Uperkot Fort
This ancient fort is built in around 319 BC by Chandragupta Maurya, and extended by many emperor. The entrance is consist of three gates, which is highly decorated, and in places the walls reach 20m high. It's been besieged 16 times, and legend has it that the fort once withstood, a 12 year siege, it's also said that the fort was abandoned from the 7th to 10th centuries and when rediscovered, was completely overgrown by jungle. There is a mosque inside the fort that made up of demolished Hindu temples. There are other attractions such as the Tomb of Nuri Shah and two fine baolis. The Buddhist caves near by is also a nice place to see.

The charm of tourist is filled in this small little town around such as CHowad beach, Ahmedpur Mandvi beach, Sasan Gir forest,and Sanctuary and Somnath temple solicits visitors for short excursions.

This is a coastal town that exhibits a sort of island living, the spot is famous for its Kesar mangoes and coconuts. There is an ashram that etiquette student on self help principles and living, by emphasizing agriculture and animal husbandry. The nearby tourist visiting spots are Damodar Kund, Ashoka’s Rock Edicts and Ahmedpur Mandvi beach etc; the climate is cool and friendly by nature.

Previously it was known as ‘Prabhas Patan’ it is one of the homes among twelve scared shrines of Lord Shiva. This location is said to be the most holy spot and pulls in pilgrims from all over the country. During the full moon days once a year a huge fair is held namely ‘Karthik Purnima’ which is the major attraction to the tourist. The nearby visiting spots are Junagadh gate, Somnath beach, Somnath museum, Bhaika teertha, jama Masjid, Bhidiyo Pagoda, Ahilyabai temple and Mai Puri ( a Sun temple now changed as a mosque by Mahmud of Ghazni).Chorwad beach (26km) and Gir national park which is located at a distance of 43km and the port of Veraval constitute will be of tourist interest. The best time will be November and December.

The major attraction here is the Sun temple that carries values from 8th century as the fundamental form of northern shikhara.

It is a town port of the royal family of Junagadh, the olden days walls are weak and vanished but the entrance of Junagadh gate and Patan gate is still a monument. The veraval beach is a good locale to stroll, swim and jogg, mostly this region is known as the fishing port wherein thousands of trawlers, country crafts and dhows shore in their catches and name it as the place of fishing port therefore, a large number of industries have evoked here. The Nawabi palacewith its Gothic finish facing the sea will be an amazing tourist site. The nearby attractions are the Porpandar beach (between Veraval and Dwarka), Chorwad beach located 23 km from the fishing center of Veraval and Gir National park which is situated 42km will be the spot of visit.

Mahabat Maqbara
This is a grand mausoleum of Nawab testify one of the best Indo-Islamic architectural examples of India. The doors and minarets are made up of silver encircled by storybook, spiraling stairways. The mausoleum is established in 1892.

Durbar Hall Museum
Durbar Hall preserve some of the rare items of erstwhile Nawabs. The museum showcases weapons, armor, palanquins, chandeliers and howdahs from the days of the nawabs as well as a huge carpet woven in Junagadh's jail. The royal potrait gallery holds photos of different Nawabs. The Durbar Hall and Museum has an interesting collection of weapons, thrones, silver articles, costumes, paintings, tapestries, and palanquins on display. It is situated in the old Palace of Nawab (Rang Mahel) near Diwan Chowk.

Girnar Hill
This location is another spot that exhibits that India has great importance in history for its yesterdays. The location is so scenic with its mountain ranges at a height of 3600 ft above the sea level, it is said to be the highest peak in Gujarat state. The Jain community does have a large number of Mandir in this region, hence this spot is considered to be a scared locale here, Moreover this place is also a home to the lions in India, the rock at the foot of the hill bears a proof of Ashoka Inscription which dates back to 2nd century BC is a historic mark and the other two inscriptions dates back to 150 and 455 AD. Girnar , a lovely natural location situated at the outskirts of Junagadh 5 km east, evokes Kathiawadi Culture to the people who live in here.

Kamleshwar Dam
Situated at the middle of Sasan Gir wildlife sanctuary by 10 km of distance, this dam is the major reservoir in this Sasan area built on the Hiran River. The dam is a crocodile breeding farm and the home for birds too…


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